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The Dance Complex Timeline

The Dance Complex (DC) was founded in 1991 by Rozann Kraus and continues to operate at the Odd Fellows Hall, 536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts as of 2015. It is well-known for its eclectic mix of contemporary, classical, street, multicultural, and other dance forms.
This timeline was partially funded by a grant from Cambridge Arts and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. We would like to thank Adrienne Marie Naylor (Project Archivist) and Samantha Govoni for their contributions to this project as well as the Emerson College Archives and Special Collections. Special thanks to Peter DiMuro, Kara Fili, Rozann Kraus and Jayne Murphy for their time as well.

Select companies that have rehearsed at the Dance Complex for significant periods of time:

  • Abel Dance Company
  • Across the Ages
  • A Different Spin
  • Angie Moon Dance Theatre
  • Anikaya Dance Theatre
  • Anna Myer and Dancers
  • Audra Carabetta and Dancers
  • Babes in Boinkland
  • Back Pocket Dancers
  • The Bang Group
  • Beyond the 4th Wall
  • Caitlin Corbett
  • City Steps Execs
  • Contrapose
  • Dance Currents Inc.
  • Dance Visions Inc.
  • Danny Swain Dance Company
  • DSundanceX
  • Duncan Dance
  • EgoArt Inc.
  • Intimations Dance
  • Jean Appolon Expressions
  • Kairos Dance Theatre
  • Kat Nasti Dance
  • Lipstick Criminals
  • New Dream Co.
  • PB&J Co.
  • Peter DiMuro/Public Displays of Motion
  • Prometheus Dance
  • Reviving Visions Theater Company
  • Unyted Stylez Productions
  • Weber Dance
  • Zoe Dance Co.

Select artists that have taught and/or rehearsed at the Dance Complex for significant periods of time:

  • Tricia Adelmann
  • Ann Brown Allen
  • Carl Alleyne
  • Diane Arvanites
  • Ruth Benson Levin
  • Olivier Besson
  • Honey Blonder
  • Debra Bluthe
  • Maureen Cosgrove Metzger
  • Eve Costarelli
  • Brian Crabtree
  • Joan Green
  • Ramon de Los Reyes
  • Marianne Harkless
  • Adrienne Hawkins
  • Nicola Hawkins
  • Dickie Johnson
  • Rozann Kraus
  • Liz Lapuh
  • Martha Mason
  • Sharon Montella
  • Margery Morgan
  • Daniel McCusker
  • Anna Myer
  • Tommy Neblett
  • Margot Parsons
  • Roseann Ridings
  • Lisa Simon
  • David Sun
  • Fatou Carol Sylla
  • Andy Taylor-Blennis
  • Julie Ince Thompson

This is an incomplete list and more additions are always welcome. Please e-mail penumbra.rme[at] with suggestions for the lists.